August 30, 2009

Today's Trailers: An Internet Trailer for Extract and a first look at The Descent: Part 2

First up we have a new trailer for the Mike Judge comedy 'Extract':

Secondly, and lastly, we have the trailer for the sequel to The Descent, aptly named 'The Descent: Part 2':



  1. Every trailer for Extract continues to make me laugh. I hope the actual film delivers on its promises. As for Descent 2, I just hope that they learn from the first film and hide their monsters a little more to create the suspense. But then, being a sequel, I doubt that will happen. I'm also a little surprised this trailer doesn't come with the title "From the Academy Award Winning Producer of Slumdog Millionaire". I'd think that'd be what a film like this would have wanted advertised, but oh well.

  2. I hold almost no hope for The Descent 2

  3. Okay, so Extract looks good even though, as a drug and alcohol counsellor I feel I should be a stick in the mud and have a problem with the unrealistic representation of drug use. But jason Batemen is entertaining and I love the "cock in the door" scene.

    As for The Descent 2 - well, the first one was freaking me out, cause there is no way on God's green earth you'd get me down there where those girls went! (And I don't mean where it seemed those girls in the first movie wanted to go down!) But the ending of the first one, if I recall, was utterly shit house! And hallucinations or no, there is no way you'd get me going down there a second time!