August 28, 2009

Trailer for 'The Men Who Stare At Goats"


-It looks rather bizarre, but perhaps kind of brilliant in an offbeat way...thoughts?


  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Clooney and Bridges look brilliant, Spacey delightfully deadpan, and here's hoping McGregor won't suck. Can't wait!

  2. It looks like a movie where everyone was having loads of fun, and I hope that is transfered in the film. It looks funny, from what I've seen, and I'm in for it.

  3. I agree with Josh P. in that it looks like they enjoyed themselves. Hopefully it won't be some sort of inside joke on screen. The cast looks very promising.

  4. Spacey does deadpan so brilliantly, doesn't he? This made me laugh out loud. And George looks delightfully un-George here.

    "We're American's! We're here to help you!"
    "What happened?"
    "I think I ran over him."

    What a pisser! :-)

  5. Less than a week ago, I was thinking to myself how unexcited I was for Oscar season this year apart from about five or six films.

    This, however, looks and sounds extremely promising, and I can't wait to see it.