August 29, 2009

Today's News: Rob Zombie to remake 'The Blob' as his next reinvention, a new project for Daniel Craig, and more...

In the news:

Rob Zombie will next move on to remaking 'The Blob' now that he's finished with the 'Halloween' flicks.

The next movie for Daniel Craig will be a psychological thriller directed by Jim Sheridan.

The cast continues to expand for the James Mangold/Tom Cruise spy thriller.

Robin Williams will make a Disney wedding comedy his next project.

Finally, in a bit of TV news, 'Rescue Me' will be ending its fantastic run with a finale in 2011.



  1. The Blob is one of my all time favorite camp horror films from the 50s, and we already had a remake of this film (not too bad, but no masterpiece, I'll tell you that). I know it sounds like an obligatory question, but why do we need this? And what is with Zombie saying that there might not be a "blob"? Strange and unnecessary things afoot.

  2. fair point, but I've stopped questioning remakes by now, they just are...