August 25, 2009

'Trucker' continues its rush of publicity with a Trailer

Michelle Monaghan goes for some awards consideration with this indie drama:

Even though it seems to go to all the expected places, her work here looks very strong and this could be the type of character/lead performance driven film that goes a long way in a wide open year like this...thoughts?


  1. I think this movie looks really cliche, and over the top. And wow Joey Lauren Adams has aged like shit...I can't stand her.

  2. I agree that it has some very broad strokes, but I like her performance, and I'm a fan of Ms. Adams, going all the way back to Dazed and Confused, so I obviously can stand her more than you, but that's the beauty of opinions

  3. I gotta agree with Andrew on this...

    I mean, you've got Monaghan, who's neither a good or bad actress, and then Nathan Fillion and, to top it all off, Benjamin Bratt. Just everything about this movie, from the casting, to the script, to the look, to the way the trailer is put together makes it look like a completely predictable movie-of-the-week that would normally be produced on the Oxygen network.

    And, even though I think that Joey Lauren Adams is great in "Chasing Amy", she certainly didn't age as well as she should have...

  4. Fair points, I definitely don't see a Best Pic nomination, but I think the Best Actress talk is warranted, though time will ultimately tell the tale