October 2, 2009

Today's News: The remake of Let the Right One In gets a promising cast, Transformers 3 coming in 2011, and more...

In the news:

'Let Me In', the American remake of 'Let the Right One In' gets some cast members, including Richard Jenkins, Kodi Smit-McPhee, and Chloe Moretz.

Take cover, because Michael Bay has a third Transformers film coming in 2011, further murdering intelligent thought in film.

Sony Pictures Classics has picked up the buzzed about flick 'The Last Station' for release, potentially this year for awards consideration.

Fans of the video game 'Spore' can now look forward to it becoming a movie, one that will be directed by the guy behind 'Ice Age'.



  1. With a cast consisting of Helen Mirren, James McAvoy, Christopher Plummer, and Paul Giamatti, as well as being written and directed by Michael Hoffman of "Restoration" and "A Midsummer Night's Dream", this could pull a lot of nominations, or certainly attention come the awards season.