September 28, 2009

The entire staff makes their Oscar nomination predictions! Plus, new reviews!

Indeed, those who are curious what everyone here at The Awards Circuit is predicting this early on can now go here and see for themselves. These will be ever evolving, so keep your eyes peeled for updates on that front!
There are also a bunch of new reviews on the site, covering new releases like Capitalism: A Love Story, The Burning Plain, and The Informant!, as well as an early review of Whip It. See them all here.
-What do you think of our predictions and the new reviews?


  1. Interesting, but I think Avatar is being underestimated...I dunno, I got a gut feeling about that one. :)

    -James Cameron
    -Passion project
    -Revolutionary technology
    -A script that's been fine tuned for over a decade
    -One of the largest production budgets in history

    The trailer might have seemed underwhelming, but I have a gut feeling that it's going to be the year's biggest winner, and I don't just mean in technical awards. I think it could be this year's Lord of the Rings. If nothing else, I'm standing by on at least a nomination for Best Picture/Director and Best Original Screenplay.

    My 2 pennies :)

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  4. All right, I'll extend my thoughts, because so many people are asking of it, I'm sure. :P

    My prediction? Avatar will hugely surprise, and in the end will see...(some of these are thought out, some are simple inferences)

    Bold = Win

    Best Picture
    Best Director
    Best Original Screenplay
    Best Art Direction
    Best Cinematography
    Best Costume Design
    Best Original Score
    Best Sound Mixing
    Best Sound Editing
    Best Makeup
    Best Visual Effects

    And on that note, I really really hope 500 Days of Summer gets nominated for Best Picture...what a film!

  5. Surprised that you had 500 Days of Summer in for Best Picture. It's not that I don't think it's good enough, but I think the Academy will hold them to a Screenplay nomination and not much else.

    My updated predictions are here:

  6. I'm on a limb with some of my picks, but at this stage, why not? I'm also surprised that no one called me out on snubbing Peter Jackson for director...

    I also a waiting on full confirmation for Get Low being pushed to next year before I take Duvall and Murray out of my predix