September 25, 2009

Rotten Tomatoes counts down the Worst Films of the Decade!

The full article can be found here, but for a taste, here are a few of the cinematic abortions that are featured within the piece (hopefully you haven't seen many of them, unfortunately, I have):
2000- Battlefield Earth, Down to You
2001- Corky Romano, Glitter
2002- The Adventures of Pluto Nash, Pinocchio, Swept Away
2003- Boat Trip, Gigli, House of the Dead
2004- Envy, Surviving Christmas
2005- A Sound of Thunder, Alone in the Dark, The Fog
2006- Basic Instinct 2, Date Movie
2007- Delta Farce, Good Luck Chuck, Redline
2008- 88 Minutes, College, Meet the Spartans
2009- All About Steve, Whiteout
-What are your picks for the worst flicks of the decade?


  1. The worst movies I saw were the Forgotten and Chronicles of Riddick. I don't they're the worst of the decade, but I paid money for them, so they earn a spot on my list.

  2. fair enough...some of my all time worst are Alone in the Dark, The Diary of a Country Priest, Wild Wild West, Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, The Happening (aka The Crappening), etc...

  3. King Arthur, The Comebacks, Crank 2: High Voltage, Hitman, Spiderman 3, Donnie Darko

  4. I think Donnie Darko might not be on most lists, but fair list otherwise

  5. Fortunately, I haven't seen any of these! It's tough for me to think about the whole decade, but the worst films I've seen recently have been Knowing and Paul Blart. Both were extremely weak efforts.

  6. Unfortunately, I have seen most of these. The ones I kind of like from the list are Corky Romano, Boat Trip, Surviving Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I know they are horrible movies, but I still enjoy watching them.


  7. I didn't hate Whiteout myself, so all is fair