November 25, 2009

Academy Idol: Group 1 VOTING CLOSED

Results video will be up on Friday! Who do you think made it in?
Reminder: Top Original, Top Adapted, next highest vote-getter advance to the Top 12. After the 3 groups' round of voting, each staff writer and I will pick 2 films each for the Wild Card Round. The top three overall vote-getters will complete the Top 12.
Any wild card picks you can think of? (These can be films that you think are not going to advance that you think deserve to.)


  1. Feel free to pitch us the ones you think we should be picking in the Wild Card round...we can be influenced! haha

  2. Group One is pretty stacked and I'm thinking Watchmen is gonna be left off... which will be VERY disappointing if it doesn't make top 12. I personally loved Watchmen and not sure it got all the love it should have... Am I off my rocker to think it should be getting real Oscar buzz??

  3. I don't think it's the Academy's type of thing, but who knows...

  4. hated watchmen but the book is one of my favorites so I had impossible expectations. Hope The Messenger makes it but it probably won't. Phenomenal film. Wish Inglorious Basterds wouldn't but it will...