November 27, 2009

Our second article on the upcoming NBR awards is up on the Main Page, along with some new reviews!

Yes, this black friday is a day for updates at The Awards Circuit, two updates to be exact. The first one is the second in our NBR article series, in which one aspect of the National Board of Review's awards are broken down and analyzed. This article focuses on the Best Actor and Actress race, and can be read here. Be sure to let us know what you think of the articles!
We also have three new reviews on the site as we play catch up with some of the films that we still need to see/review before the end of the year. Today we have reviews of the well regarded documentary Food Inc., A Christmas Carol, and The Blind Side. They can be found here, and as always, read and comment please.
-Thoughts on the article and reviews?


  1. Question: Is there any particular reason(s) you predicted Clooney and Mulligan? Also, their accuracy with the best actress race is incredible. at least w/ receiving a nomination.

  2. Answer: The short answer is that Clooney has won before, and I think they're going to take a shine to Up in the Air, and in terms of Mulligan, they like films with English actresses, and she's the most logical choice for a nomination, so knowing how often they're right there, it made sense to pick her...