November 21, 2009

Early Creation Review

We have double review for an early screening of Jon Amiel's Creation. Read HERE.

Do you think Paul Bettany will get nominated? Connelly? Anything for the film at all?



  1. he's certainly good enough, but I still haven't heard anything about a qualifying release this year, though I expect they'll do it...that being said, it's just safe enough to appeal to the Academy, even if I didn't especially love the flick outside of his work...

  2. Creation came out in the UK a couple of months ago. In my opinion, it is a solid 7/10 film.

    Bettany's performance is the highlight of the film but in a crowded Best Actor race, it is not a performance which will stand out. I would suggest that a BAFTA nomination is as far as he will go.

    If the voters are short a Best Supporting Actress nominee, then I could see Jennifer Connolley sneaking in.