November 21, 2009

The latest updates to The Awards Circuit: An Awards Profile for Crazy Heart and tweaks to the Tracker!

Yes, there's two new updates today to The Awards Circuit, and both are good ones. We start with another of our renowned Awards Profiles, this one tackling the newest entry into the Oscar race, Crazy Heart. Go here to see what we think its chances might be in the long run.
We also have some updates to the Tracker page, which you can see here. Be sure to let us know what we need to add/subtract!
-Thoughts on the update?


  1. Very well written! I think that the trailer was amazing and I absolutely adored the song in it and as I heard, that song is an original one, so therefore I believe that the song(s) will be a major hit in their category. I also found the cinematography prospective, but that category is quite stacked, so that's just a longshot.

  2. indeed, I think it's a movie with potential written all over it