November 16, 2009

Nine gets a new Trailer...

...this one very Kate Hudson-centric:



  1. Y'know, it's getting harder to imagine that this can be bad. The material is all there in the Tony-winning musical, the cast is all stellar, and Rob Marshall proved with "Chicago" that he knows what he's doing with such a subject matter. This has the potential to be one of the year's biggest hits, and perhaps to score the most nominations as well.

  2. while I'd argue that this is looking more serious and less "fun" than Chicago, I can't decide if that helps or hurts its chances...I don't see it not getting nominated for Best Pic, but it's other nominations are still to be decided.

  3. Well i'm familiar with the stage musical and it is definitely more "serious" than Chicago. By that I mean it's not a satire and digs deeper emotionally. If you listen to new song added "Take it All" on youtube, you definitely get a sense of the emotional content of the film. I'm surprised they're using Kate Hudson though in this trailer since her part is one of the smaller ones and was not even a real character in the stage version. I'm lovin the new shots of Penelope's sexiness though

  4. I'm familiar as well, i'm just not sure if Oscar prefers a "fun" musical or not

  5. Well looking at 40ish years ago they just flat out loved musicals even if they were tragic/serious like West Side Story. It's been a long time since those days, and I don't think that if Nine was shallow like Chicago (I love Chicago but it doesn't exactly cut deep) it would go over well, since many people would just call it Chicago Redux.

  6. most likely, but at the same time, Chicago won, and a heavier musical (Dreamgirls) didn't even get nominated, so they're hard to follow in terms of how they look at this type of film...

  7. I am really looking forward to Nine, but am a little confused as to why they would focus on Kate Hudson so much in a trailer...she is the last person I would go see this movie to see. She's a decent actress, but given her recent poor film choices and tabloid overkill (and given the better talent in the film) I'm surprised they didn't go with another actress as the focal point...

  8. My guess is that it's one of many that will focus on everyone...

  9. I'm loving this trailer, and very impressed with Kate's performance, but hope the lip-synching is more accurate in the film than the trailer. I have to agree with considerations about "serious" musicals. You look back at the serious musicals of the last decade or so, perhaps back to Evita, and there isn't a lot of serious stuff getting the big ones.

    Recent musicals that didn't score Picture noms at the Oscars:

    Sweeney Todd
    Mamma Mia - not a single nom
    Phantom of the Opera
    Hairspray - not a single nom
    The Producers - not a single nom
    Dream Girls
    Rent - not a single nom

    I do think Nine will pull a lot, if not the most, nominations at the Oscars. Considering the Screen Actors Guild Awards, if Nine's impressive cast doesn't pull at least a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Cast, then all hope is lost! lol