November 16, 2009

Is 'Moneyball' getting closer to finding a director?

Perhaps, if this article here in 'The Hollywood Reporter' is to be believed:

Several months after Aaron Sorkin came aboard “Moneyball” — and slightly longer since the plug was pulled on Steven Soderbergh just before the start of production — the underdog baseball pic is well into its next stage, or inning, if you’re in a punning mood.

Several directors have met with star Brad Pitt, studio execs and/or producers over the past weeks. And while the studio has not formally made any offers, a number of names have surfaced, including that of the Oscar nominee Bennett Miller and the suddenly ubiquitous Marc Webb.

Webb has been entertaining a slew of interest since his “(500) Days of Summer” jolted critics and the development community this summer. He’s attached to a remake of the Danish thriller “Just Another Love Story” and met on Universal’s remake of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” to name a couple.

None of those projects is set to go, however, which isn’t the case with “Moneyball,” a project Sony is keen to move forward now that the script and concept have been rejigged.

“Capote” helmer Miller, for his part, has been taking his time since his breakout out four years ago with the dramatized story of a fish-out-of-water journalist. The only thing he’s been documented as developing is “Foxcatcher,” another real-life tale, this one about a schizophrenic member of the DuPont family (Miller is known as a director who likes to spend time honing before jumping on six new trains).

How suitable would each be for “Moneyball”? Webb is a director with style to burn, something that could help as you try to tell an unconventional story of the modern-day Oakland A’s. (though not as unconventional as when Soderbergh was on it). Miller brings the Oscar street cred, something no doubt important to Pitt, at least, and possibly others.

There have been enough stops and starts on “Moneyball” that nothing is a sure thing. But with a number of conferences now taking place on the mound, it may not be long before someone starts throwing heat.

-Thoughts on the potential directors?


  1. i think either would be a good selection...

  2. Agreed. Although, I'm not sure I'm sold as Pitt for the lead...

  3. I don't think he's my first choice, but it's not a bad pick for playing Billy Beane...