November 26, 2009

The first official word on Invictus arrives...

...and it's positive, but not a rave. The review is found here from Newsweek and David Ansen, who also has a look at some other big upcoming movies like Up in the Air, Crazy Heart, The Last Station, and A Single Man. As for Invictus, this is the most positive thing I've heard about the flick yet, but it's still early, so Clint could be back in Oscar's favor sooner than you think.


  1. sorry for the ignorance, but these reviews are made from the trailers of these movies or because Davis Ansen has alredy seen this movies in some special premier or something like that?

    ps: i know a single man was showed at the italian festival but the others?

  2. He's seen them...studios hold screenings for these types of movies a few weeks in advance, sometimes month in advance...for example, I saw The Messenger in September, and Creation a few weeks ago, even though it's not out till January. Clayton saw Brothers last week and Everybody's Fine two weeks ago, and such...most of the time critics have embargoes on their reviews till the week of release, but Ansen doesn't seem to care (Invictus has an embargo on it, I know of that one, at least)...

  3. and no worries, it's a fair question to ask, no ignorance there.