November 12, 2009

Podcast #8 is here for your listening pleasure, as well as an update to the Best Picture predictions!

Indeed, and for the first time, the entire staff of The Awards Circuit will be participating in the podcast. The topic is the beginning of Academy Idol, and for a variety of reasons, it's a must listen. Check it out here and leave us some feedback!
There's also been some tweaking done to the Best Picture predictions, so go here and see what the chosen 10 are at this point.
-Thoughts on the new podcast and Best Picture predictions?


  1. I don't understand are you voting or are we voting in the end?

  2. In a week or so you guys and girls will be voting, we just narrowed the list down on the podcast, figuring it'd be interesting to listen to

  3. I did listen before I asked the question actually it was cool

  4. By the end of the month it'll look very similar to the Academy Idol's of year's past, just the number of films has expanded...