November 18, 2009

TWC decides to push Melanie Laurent as a Lead Actress candidate for Inglourious Basterds!

This certainly hurts her chances a lot, but the story truly is about her, so I suppose it's an accurate decision, but a huge risk. The evidence of this can be found here on The Weinstein Company's FYC page for Inglourious Basterds.
-Thoughts on this decision?


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  2. They're also pushing Pitt as lead actor... that's a major stretch.

  3. Not a fan at all in this decision. Mind you I never thought she stood much of a chance to be nominated in the first place, in either category, but Inglourious Basterds is truly an ensemble piece and no one sticks out, not even their "Best Actor" Brad Pitt (maybe Waltz does, but come on, Landa is going to stick out). Everyone is supporting each other, and to say she has the absolute lead in this film is unfair to everyone else.

    But that's just me. I'll still be thinking of her as a supporting character who should be nominated, but probably won't.

  4. Well I really don't think sadly she had a chance at being nominated no matter where she was put but in my opinion lead actress is a weaker category this year. The thing that upset me is that Weinsteins are completely ignorning Michael Fassbender who in my opinion stole the movie. Waltz has more screentime and a baitier role, but with what he was given Fassbender stole the show for me. Also sad to see Pitt go lead...not that he ever had much of a chance but he should be nominated for Supp as well along with Fassbender and Waltz, all incredible performances.

  5. I would argue she is lead, but it wasn't going to happen either way. And Brad Pitt was the weakest link so I don't mind if his chances are hurt even more.

  6. She's not lead. She doesnt have that much screentime, has few scenes, and doesn't go thru huge transformations along the film.
    Even though she is the true hero of the film (not the Basterds, even though they do help A LOT), she's definately not lead.

    I actually think that even though supporting actress is starting to get a little crowded, she actually had a shot.

    We don't know how voters will react to "The Lovely Bones" so they might snub all the possibilities there, and maybe they won't love "Up In The Air" the much needed to put both actresses in there, and with "Basterds" bound to have its fans, plus the fact that she could some serious push from critics, I could definately see her as a strong possibility.

    Hopefully, they will change her placement, and fast.

  7. Well, the producers for a film don't chose which category she will be placed in, its up to each indivdual voter.


  8. they moved her to lead where the race is more open. supporting actress is obviously going to Mo'Nique this year. So they are switching her to lead. I think its a good idea