November 16, 2009

The Supporting Categories get new predicitions along with some new reviews during this latest update to The Awards Circuit!

Indeed, the Main Page of The Awards Circuit has some new stuff on it for your reading pleasure. We start with updates to the Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress categories. They can be found here and here, so check them out and let us know how the latest predictions are shaping up.
We also have some new reviews to be read. In addition to a third review for Precious, we have new reviews of the documentary Earth and the new film Pirate Radio. They can all be found here, so give them a read.
-What do you think of the new predictions and reviews?


  1. I find it odd that there seems to be only seven actors that have a legitimate shot at supporting actor nomination this year. Most years, the best supporting actor category is usually one of the most crowded. Yet this year it is the supporting actress category that is much more intriguing.


  2. well, once the precursors start up, things will clarify...

  3. So glad you enjoyed Pirate Radio! It's still with me even now! Really good film.

  4. Matthew, I loved's one of my top 20 films of the year