February 10, 2010

Fan Made "Dark Knight" Sequel Posters


  1. A little presumptuous of them to assume The Riddler is going to be the next antagonist, no? I'm still holding out for Catwoman.

  2. I think The Riddler could run the risk of being to much like The Joker, so it would not be the best fit for a third film (maybe for a fourth if I can be presumptuous).

    The comment in TDK about Batman's new suit being able to withstand cats leads me to think Catwoman is possible, but hasn't Nolan said he wouldn't do a movie with her?

    I would be fine with it as long as its not Angelina Jolie. I personally would like to see Emily Blunt in that role.

  3. I don't think they'll do a Catwoman for a few reasons.

    1) Halle Berry's bomb that is still fresh in minds

    2) Pfeiffer was actually quite good in the role. (not that Nicholson wasn't as the joker, but her role was kind of dark in the movie)

    3) The character, in general, is SILLY and would seem like such a weak follow-up

    I think creating a new character would probably work best. But think Riddler would work if they keep the intensity and have the riddles really cool. Kind of like Die Hard 3 on cocaine.

  4. Agreed that the Riddler in the fan-made posters, especially the second one, is way too much like the Joker. The old newspaper clippings with frantic scribbles all over them is way overused to portray some kind of insanity.

    I think a completely retooled version of Catwoman that would be very much unrecognizable to Halle Berry's or Michelle Pfeiffer's catwoman wouldn't be a bad idea...but there's a lot of ways it could fail. Done right, I think it could very much work. It seems that Nolan's Batman movies are each based around some kind of elemental characteristic. Batman Begins was based on the element of fear. The Dark Knight was based on the element of tragedy (or perhaps, civility). So what should the third Batman film be based off? Death? Hope? Romance?

    I do think they need to bring the Joker back and re-cast. Because I have a hunch that every villian will seem anti-climactic compared to the Joker. Besides, the character should be greater than the actor portraying it, not the other way around.

  5. I would really like to see the Black Mask be the villain in the next film. No matter what villain they choose they will not be able to compare the Joker (character and acting wise) so I think they should shift the focus more to Batman being viewed as the villain in the eyes of the public and the villain almost secondary. This way they could take pressure off of off the choice of the villain and focus on Batman and Bruce Wayne's struggle to deal with the situation he has created. In this way I also think that the Riddler could work, but he might end up just rehashing much of the Joker's plan to out Batman.

  6. Whatever the case may be, 'The Dark Knight Returns' will not be the title. That is already an existing Batman storyline written by Frank Miller. Interesting that a 'fan' would miss that.