February 21, 2010

A promo spot for the Oscars!



  1. Well, it certainly serves its purpose...

  2. Everything about this is scary and terrible. It's as if the Academy is saying "we know you hate everything we've done for the past eighty years, so let's forget it ever happened and do something completely different".
    It feels like the Academy is trying to pull an about face of "Batman Begins" proportions. The ratings for last year's show (which were up from the previous year) suffered from lack of nominations for "The Dark Night," but It's not like it was as bad as "Batman and Robin" and now needs a major overhaul. The ten Best Picture nominees were supposed to fix what needed fixing (and based on the 10 nominees it clearly worked) yet now the show needs hip-hop dancing and no sense of history. Although this has been creeping out little by little for weeks now, this ad is the final declaration of "This is now the People's Choice Awards meets the MTV Movie Awards on a large and grander scale. Now safe for all Americans to watch." In all my years of caring more about the Oscars then anything else all year long, this is by far the closest I've come to not watching.

  3. Well, I didn't get that at all considering there was no hip-hop and talked about history, but as long as they still give out awards, I could care less. I'll let E! deal with the other elements and focus on the nominees.