February 9, 2010

Take a look at the latest short film from our very own Myles Hughes!

The lad is a budding filmmaker, and this is his newest project, called 'Boycotting Time'. Behold:

Boycotting Time from Myles Hughes on Vimeo.

-His other videos are found here, so check them all out! As for this one, be sure comment and leave some (hopefully) constructive criticism.


  1. I just watched it again, and I think it's his strongest work to date. I may be partial to him, but he knows I've criticized his work in the past like any other film...

  2. Not really sure about with what porpuse this video was made for, so thats why I forbear to say more...

  3. It's a short film that one of my fellow staff members made, so I featured it. As for purpose, well, I'm sure he'd like to win an Oscar for it, but I believe as much as anything it's just a creative project.