February 8, 2010

The Open Circuit Forum is here to let you debate the Staff of The Awards Circuit, and more today on the Main Page!

Yes, we know that all of you disagree with us from time to time, so now's your opportunity to have your own personal debate with the Staff member of your choosing, with the implementation of the Open Circuit Forum. Be sure to read the guidelines here and download the application form and send in your requests!
We also are beginning a segment on the site called the Oscar Circuit, tackling all of the categories at the Academy Awards. We begin with Film Editing here, so check it out and keep an eye out for lots more to come.
Finally, we've started the Historical Circuit, where we'll be reviewing older films. Check out our introduction to the new part of the site here, and some of the first reviews we've posted here.
-Thoughts on the Open Circuit, Oscar Circuit, and Historical Circuit?

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