February 8, 2010

Interested in seeing all of the Best Picture nominees (again) together on the big screen?

Well, as usual, AMC Theaters is working on making that happen. From The Hollywood Reporter:

AMC Entertainment will program all 10 best picture Oscar nominees in select theaters nationwide on Feb. 27 and March 6.

Special ticket packages will allow patrons to select from among the 10 films at discount rates. Patrons who purchase a pass for the event will get free popcorn and unlimited refills for the day.

Details will be announced in coming weeks on the company's Web site. AMC has promoted its Best Picture Showcase for the past four years.



  1. I've never personally done this, but it's always seemed pretty cool to me...

  2. It's spread out this time, as opposed to a marathon...

  3. I'll definitely keep on eye on this. I'll probably give it a go depending if I have the time.


  4. Give it a go, and feel free to report back.