February 15, 2010

Today's Trailers: Leaves of Grass, Centurion, Killers, and The Exploding Girl

First up we have the anticipated film 'Leaves of Grass', which features Edward Norton in a duel role as identical twins:

Next up we have Michael Fassbender starring in the latest film by Neil Marshall, a roman epic called 'Centurion':

Following that we have the 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' knockoff, this one called simply 'Killers':

Finally, we have the film 'The Exploding Girl', which is said to have an excellent performance by Zoe Kazan in her first real meaty role:



  1. All of the trailers (except Killers) look interesting, but I must say, I'm most intrigued by The Exploding Girl...

  2. Is there a release date set for Leaves of Grass yet, been waiting on that one for awhile now.

  3. Yes, it now has one. It comes out on April 2nd.

  4. I kind of got a (500) days of summer vibe from the exploding girl. (that's a good thing)

    Leaves of grass looks amazing

  5. Agreed, to a degree, on both counts...

  6. I'm not sure what to think of "Leaves of Grass" quite yet. I think it could be quite a good film, even though the trailer isn't very well put together. It could be a bit like "The Wrestler" in that way, since that didn't have a very good trailer either, yet it turned out to be the second-best film of 2008, in my opinion.

    "The Exploding Girl" looks like it could be interesting, and I sort of understand the "(500) Days" vibe that comes off, but I think it'll probably be tonally different.

    "Centurion" looks amazing, in an entertaining way, although Michael Fassbender looks fantastic in it.

    And I thought "Killers" looked pretty bad. Seems like Katherine Heigl will be continuing her bad streak...

  7. No disagreements here from me on those remarks...

  8. Heigl's talent is better accounted for on television. She's had some pretty impressive turns as Izzy on "Grey's Anatomy." I just wish she'd get the same material for the silver screen.

    I dunno maybe her agent is only interested in amplifying her "American Sweetheart" image first before she starts taking more risks...Who knows, these are just wild guesses.

    Either way I have faith her talent. It's there. It just needs the right stuff to propel it..She's definitely one to watch....

    In other news; I can't wait to get my hands on that "Exploding Girl"---it seems like an interesting character study