October 1, 2009

Kill Bill to become a trilogy?

Entertainment Weekly has this small tidbit to share:

Speaking on an Italian talk show Parla Con Me, Quentin Tarantino confirms his plans to make a Kill Bill 3. The writer/director — whose last film Inglourious Basterds has generated over $245 million in worldwide box office — says that he will make another installment of his successful Kill Bill series, but that he wants there to be a 10-year break between the second and third film. That would put Kill Bill 3 with a 2014 release date and his star Uma Thurman at 44, just the right age to kick more ass.



  1. It could be very good...I tend not to doubt Tarantino...

  2. I feel that the saga is already complete and does not require a third movie, but if Lord Tarantino has got something up his sleeve, I want him to show us.


  3. This was announced back when 2 came out, he said he wanted to wait for the girl who played Nikki to grow up. I don't know why this is new for anyone.

  4. this is the first he's mentioned it in a while, so I felt it was news worthy