October 1, 2009

Today's News: 'Up in the Air' changes its release date, Nolan's 'Inception' to play on Imax screens, and more...

In the news:

Look for 'Up in the Air' to now be released in a limited run on December 4th, with the film expanding over the rest of the month.

Christopher Nolan's next film 'Inception' will be on Imax screens as well as traditional ones when the movie hits in 2010.

The movie that Sean Penn dropped out of for personal reasons (Cartel) now has Josh Brolin in the lead role for the project.

The next directorial project for Emilio Estevez gets some new cast members to go along with his father, who was already cast.

Hugh Jackman will be boxing robots in his next flick, a futuristic 'Rocky'-like film to be directed by Shawn Levy.

Roger Avary has been sentenced to a year in jail for his role in a fatal car crash, after he plead guilty on Tuesday.



  1. Can't wait for Inception. I'm dying here.

  2. I cant wait either but Ugh....more fake imax polluting cinemas....

  3. I'm not thrilled with faux Imax, but hey, whatever works