November 6, 2009

Take a look at our latest Golden Globe predictions at The Awards Circuit!

Go here to see Clayton's picks for the Golden Globes. It's still early, but with most sites focusing solely on the Oscars, it's good to take an early look at the Globes before the rush begins.
-What do you think of the predictions?


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  2. OK, quite good selection. Regarding the possible winners of the very main awards, here’s my list as of 11/06/09:

    Best Picture (Drama): AGREE
    Best Picture (M or Com): AGREE
    Best Actor in a leading role(Drama) : DISAGREE, for me still Johnny Depp the frontman this year
    Best Actor in a leading role (M or Com): AGREE
    Best Actress in a leading role (Drama): AGREE
    Best Actor in a leading role (M or Com): AGREE
    Best Actress in a supporting role: AGREE
    Best Actor in a supporting role: AGREE
    Best Director: AGREE

    Let see how the pieces move these days...

  3. I think that Jeff Bridges would be in the comedy/musical category for the globes. How many times have people playing musicians won in that category? A lot.

  4. fair point, I think it was due to the announcement coming just as Clayton finished the predix...I'd say he'll move with the next update...

  5. I think George Clooney has a better shot at a nomination for Men Who Stare Goats than Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peter Capaldi, Joseph Gordon Levitt, or Adam Sandler. He could possibly be a double winner. I also don't believe that Away We Go has as much of a chance as Clayton is giving it for Best Comedy nomination, placing it in front of movies that got better reception from moviegoers and critics. Other than that, his predictions are very respectable and I wouldn't be at all surprised if he gets close to 90% correct.


  6. Clayton usually ends up rather accurate, so I think he'll end up quite well, percentage wise