November 2, 2009

We have a whole bunch of updates all over the site for you!

Indeed, today was a big day for updates at The Awards Circuit. For starters, predictions have been updated on the Main Page in all categories, so start here with Best Picture and go check them all out from there!
There are also updates to what the entire staff here at the site is predicting, so go here to see what we all think will get nominated.
Speaking of the staff, in honor of the close of voting for ACCA 2004, we've come out with our Staff Top 10 of 2004. Go here and see what we all thought were the cream of the crop in 2004.
Finally, we have three new reviews for you to check out. We have a review for the big Oscar contender An Eduction, a review of the Oscar misfire Amelia, and the Michael Jackson film This Is It. Go here to see them all and let us know what you think!
-What do you think of the new predictions (both Clayton's and everyone else's) as well as the other updates?


  1. I'd have Closer and Million Dollar Baby right near the top of my list for 2004. Million Dollar Baby has become one of my favorite all-time films as of late and I just watched Closer this summer, but I was blown away by the intensity of the performances.

    An Education was a solid film, but it didn't hit me quite right. I felt like the film almost brought up more questions than it answered. I also had a problem with the title because I felt like Jenny made her final decisions not based on a newfound education she received from David and company, but rather out of pure desperation.

  2. I greatly enjoyed both films...

    On the An Education front, I think the title is more referring to how she'll be more prepared for what life offers her, in that she's been educated for the future, not so much the decisions she makes at the conclusion of the film

  3. In that regard, I think the film takes somewhat of an easy way out with the ending voice-over. It relies on a thirty second speech from Jenny to tell the audience she is ready for her future.

    P.S. Not trying to argue, this is just my opinion on what kept this film from being great.