February 4, 2010

Entertainment Weekly seems to think 'Avatar' is the frontrunner...

...but more importantly, do you?


  1. I think the phrase "can anything beat Avatar?" is silly, since there are 3 or 4 films in the running for the big prize BESDIES Avatar that have a shot at winning...

  2. Quite right. The Hurt Locker and Inglourious Basterds have equal chances to pull off a win, while Precious and Up in the Air could make it as well. I actually don't think Avatar will win; I think The Hurt Locker is going to take it, along with Director and Editing wins. But that's my feeling for now.

  3. Honestly...ehh, my viewpoint is changing as the Oscar season is progressing.

    More and more I'd like to see Inglorious Basterds win Best Picture, and Katherine Bigalow win Best Director (I always thought she should win the directing award, but my view as to who should win the top prize is continually changing as we come closer and closer to awards night).

    The reason my enthusiasm for wanting to see Avatar win the top prize has declined...well...there's going to likely be two more sequels. Two more sequels that'll create a greater story arc, and more developed story and more characters, and opportunities to fix the flaws of the first one. And if Cameron and his team can make the next films better than the first (as with, say, Lord of the Rings), then would the next films win Best Picture as well? It could either be tedious, or a bit silly.

    There are two more chances for it to win big. I still think it was the best overall film experience (not the best film per se) of the year, so I wouldn't be hugely disappointed to see it win. But still...I'd like to see a Tarantino film win either Best Picture or Best Screenplay. If not, then I think I'd put Tarantino in the category of "badly snubbed."

  4. I quite agree with you Anthony (although the Lord of the Rings films were all shot simultaneously, and any improvment must have come from the original scripts.) I don't see Avatar sequals getting better. I think they'll more likely trend like the Pirates series, getting weaker and garnering less recognition with each episode.

    I'm beginning to wonder whether Meryl wins best actress now as the Academy voters possibly change their minds on The Blind Side further along. Especially as it was nominated for best picture, they may want to right the wrong by not granting Bullock the award. Just a thought.

  5. I enjoy Entertainment Weekly; however, there's a reason they are a Hollywood-based magazine.

    Avatar is Hollywood. Hurt Locker - which will win - isn't.

    It goes to show that they put Matt Damon on the cover. As if he deserved the nom OR has a shot in hell in winning. Simply put, he's Matt Damon.

    Why put Jeremy Renner or Bigelow or anything not big-Hollywood on there.

    What does that sell???

  6. Clement pretty much said it. EW tends to pick which film THEY think is the coolest, most hip, as the frontrunner, not paying any attention whatsoever to the actual facts and statistics. Their logic for Avatar "It made so much money and everyone seemed to love it etc etc."

    Those things may be true, but frontrunner it is not. With The Hurt Locker winning both the PGA and DGA, esepcially the PGA, it has become the clear frontrunner.

  7. This heading in itself is what could unseed Hurt Locker from winning. There's no denying critics are behind Locker, as well as most industry professionals. BUT Hollywood will be behind Avatar. And we cannot underestimate the sway power a thousand headlines saying "Avatar to sweep Oscars" will play in people's votes this final month.

    I work in for a television news program and that's all they want to promote it as. Avatar to win. Doesn't mean that's what will happen, but we'd be foolish to think it won't influence people. Heck, look at what happened to Bullock.

  8. We shall see. Momentum belongs to The Hurt Locker, but it all remains to be seen...

  9. If you guys open the magazine and read it, they actually pick The Hurt Locker as the front-runner in their article. They consider it a David-Goliath battle, but as they analyze the race, they actually consider Avatar to be the "David" in the race since The Hurt Locker has so much going for it.

  10. That is accurate, yes, but when this went up, the magazine had not yet arrived on my doorstep, so the cover image that the site put out was all we had to work with. Good eyes though...