February 4, 2010

Hilary Swank gunning for a 3rd Oscar with her next project with Fox Searchlight?

Perhaps so, along with Sam Rockwell potentially being someone to watch out for as someone who could get their first. Here's the story in The Hollywood Reporter:

Fox Searchlight, which released the Hilary Swank starrer "Amelia" in October, is reteaming with the actress.

The specialty distributor has acquired North American and select international rights to "Betty Anne Waters" from Omega Entertainment.

Directed by Tony Goldwyn and written by Pamela Gray, the based-on-a-true-story movie stars Swank as a high school dropout and single mom who puts herself through law school in order to overturn the murder conviction of her brother (Sam Rockwell). The cast also includes Melissa Leo, Minnie Driver, Juliette Lewis and Peter Gallagher.

The film was produced by Andrew Sugerman, Andrew S. Karsch and Goldwyn, with Swank as executive producer. It is scheduled for a fall release.

The deal was brokered by Searchlight's Tony Safford and Megan O'Brien with Markus Barmettler on behalf of Omega and with CAA, which assisted in financing the movie and reps the filmmakers.



  1. I'm positive I already heard about this project before, with Sam Rockwell attached and everything. Is Hilary Swank replacing a different actress who was previously attached, or is this just old news?

  2. I believe it's old news in that it was announced, but now the project is done filming and has distribution...

  3. I think it is hard for her to win another one since Swank has just been lucky with the projects that she chooses. Don't get me wrong she is an amazing actress, but not that amazing that deserves 3 oscars.

  4. Would they really give Swank 3 before they give Streep 3? I hope not. I'm not a big Swank fan outside of her two winning roles.

  5. k, what was flawed about Amelia. I haven't seen it. Was it one of those cases where the film suffers, with the lead performance thriving?

  6. I refer you to my review: http://www.awardscircuit.com/Reviews/2009/Reviews09/amelia.html

  7. I found the biggest problem with Amelia is that it simply didn't tell a story. It was just a document of her life, checking off events one after the other in typical biopic fashion. There's a reason why biopics like Amadeus and even Titanic were so successful -- it's because they not only documented the events, but they told a compelling story along with it. Amadeus wasn't just a movie about Mozart, it was a movie about Envy.

    Amelia was a movie about Amelia Earhart -- and not much else. It felt very empty to me.