February 1, 2010

The Oscar Nominations are tomorrow...

...so now's your last chance to chime in with your hopes, dreams, fears, predictions, and everything in between in regard to the big moment tomorrow morning
-Make your final thoughts known!


  1. I'm just hoping for an interesting bunch...

  2. Some pre-nomination jitters:

    Morgan Freeman is snubbed and Sam Rockwell, Viggo Mortensen or even Joseph Gordon-Levitt sneak in.

    Jason Reitman becomes another director to pick up a Golden Globe and DGA nod and misses out the Oscar.

    The Last Station is totally snubbed.

    A Single Man gets Screenplay and Picture nods.

    In the case of a Reitman snub, Lone Scherfig sneaks in (though I'd pray for Spike Jonze).

    Maggie Gyllenhaal takes one of the spots in Best Supporting Actress.

    These probably won't happen, but we won't know until tomorrow morning. I CAN'T WAIT!!

  3. Here are my predictions. Hope you comment.


  4. Fenix, you'll have your answer about how those are in less than 12 hours.

  5. I'll make it simple:

    1) Anthony Mackie earns the Best Supporting Actor nod he deserves. (I'd mention Renner too, although I think he's safe by now.)
    2) Avatar doesn't touch a Screenplay nomination.
    3) Up isn't the second animated feature to be nominated for Best Picture.
    Note: It is a solid film, but even in a field of 10...it doesn't touch the level of quality Wall-E or even Ratatouille did. (Not to mention golden gems from Disney like The Lion King and Aladdin). In fact, after the opening (and quite touching) montage, the movie was kinda iffy for me; especially considering it was Pixar.

    For a few random thoughts that don't matter enough to number...
    -No Matt Damon noms, please.
    -A wild-card or two in the Best Actor and Actress race. (Not at the expense of Renner though.)
    -No Nine-love in an important category.

    Kudos to the staff on not flip-flopping on projections every other day, too. You all should also get a TON of props for going early with the Hurt Locker. Pre-PGA, DGA, and other awards as well.

    It just might win the award it deserves. It just might...

  6. Thanks again sir, and you and are pretty much spot on with predictions (though we might be doing wishful thinking with the Mackie nod). I can see Up missing or making it with equal amount of vigor, so I'm not sure if it will or not. Damon is 60-40 in, but that 40% has a lot of strong choices, so it's a hard one. The Wild Card spot in the acting categories to watch out for is in Actress, especially if Mirren misses out.

    We do try to be consistent here, even if we're consistently wrong. We all saw The Hurt Locker early on in the year and felt it was something special, so we happened to be prescient there. Some of other other stubborn predictions are more iffy (my 500 Days pick, for one), but we'll know in about 10 hours or so...

  7. Even though Nine doesn't deserve much... if they're going to nominate an actress it really should be Cotillard and not Cruz. That would make my day. I would also love to see Melanie Laurent swing a nomination...but that's just me. Maybe she'll be the wild card that knocks out Mirren (However, I haven't seen The Last Station yet. It doesn't come to Colorado for another couple of weeks. So she may be 100% deserving)

    Whatever happens, I can't wait

  8. All are possibilities...the nominations are a mere hours away, so the anticipation is obviously growing. There will likely be something we're not expecting, we're just not sure what. Laurent could be that one, but it could just as easily be Ben Foster or Marc Webb or Spike Jonze or Emily Blunt (my prediction). We'll see...

  9. Personally, I am very excited to see what happens with the 10 nominations. If it was a year of 5 I feel it would be very boring as I think we all know the nominees would be Hurt Locker, Up in the Air, Avatar, Inglourious Basterd, and Precious. With a year of ten we might get things as far fetched as The Hangover, The Blind Side or even have are first animated film (Up and/or Fantastic Mr. Fox) nominated since Beauty and the Beast. I am hoping it will bring variety back into the Academy.

    p.s. If they nominate Zooey Deschanel I will be overly joyed..even though I know it's a long-shot, but they always have a few surprises.

  10. None of that is out of the question. All depends on how the Academy responded to certain films. We shall see very shortly...