February 5, 2010

Today's Trailers: A Red Band Trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop 'Out', a look at 'The Secret of Kells', and 'Grown Ups'...

First up, we have the Red Band look at Kevin Smith's first foray into directing something he didn't write (on the big screen, at least), with the buddy cop movie Cop Out:

Next we have the Oscar nominated animated flick The Secret of Kells:

Finally, Adam Sandler returns with his new comedy Grown Ups:



  1. I may be biased towards Kevin Smith, but I also dig a good buddy cop movie, so count me in for Cop Out...

  2. I can kind of see the appeal of Secret of Kells now. It's got a bit of a Persepolis thing going on with the design, and I'm sure that helps. Up still wins though.

  3. I'm not sure what to think of the newest trailer for "Cop Out". I only say this because, when I saw it at a preview screening, there were a couple of scenes featured in this trailer which weren't in the film.

    I'm not sure if they did any reshoots or if they were testing reaction to some material over other material, but I kind of need to see it again, especially if they added some potentially funnier scenes...

  4. I think it's the latter, since I haven't heard of any re-shoots, outside of possibly a new opening sequence. We'll know in 3 weeks...