January 24, 2010

100 Cheesiest Quotes of All Time

Alex, over at Film Misery, points out this very funny and lack of a better word, cheesy video with some of the funniest (It's Not a Tumor), stupidest (Gobble Gobble), and downright jaw dropping (I like having nice tits) quotes of movie history. Have a looksey!


  1. its truly remarkable how many of these are from Batman and Robin...lol

  2. I love how many are from Batman and Robin and Star Wars Episodes II and III. All three films are full of them.

    Glad to see Troll 2 made it in:
    "They're eating her. And then they're gonna eat me. Oh my god!"

    As well as Shark Attack 3:
    "I'm really wired. What's say I take you home...."

    HAHAHAHAHA. Man those are funny.

  3. Some were very, very cheesy and funny. However I think some, particularly in the context of their film, are good lines. The first line can/could be quite powerful. And Tom Hanks with Wilson, that scene was heartbreaking! I'm surprised there was nothing in there from a Madonna or Mariah Carey film.

    And, as a gay man, I cannot imagine, even if I was straight, "It's turkey time . . . gobble gobble" ever turning me on!!!! lol

  4. Is it just me or were at least a quarter of them Arnold movies? Though they were missing "I'll be back!" I believe.

    "I'm the king of the world" takes the whole cheese cake in my opinion.