January 23, 2010

Live Blogging the Screen Actor's Guild Awards

Welcome to our live coverage of this year's Screen Actor's Guild awards. The pre-show begins at 4:30 with the awards beginning at 5:00 on TNT. I'm watching and blogging on West Coast time, but wherever you are, please follow along. Like everyone else has done so far, I'll make sure to list the times of each post to make it easier to follow along. Please feel free to use this post to comment on anything I'm posting or anything else relating to the evening's events. I'll try and respond to as many people as I can throughout the course of the evening. Enjoy the show!

4:25 - The actual red carpet arrivals began at least half an hour ago. Why is TNT showing us "Titanic"?

4:27 - If "The Hurt Locker" wins Best Ensemble tonight, it's the Best Picture frontrunner again. If it doesn't, the race is getting more interesting.

4:31 - With 120,000 SAG members nationwide, the films with the highest B.O. always have the highest advantage. Think Ruby Dee for "American Gangster". Will that happen tonight?

4:32 - Someone was smart and put a cover over the red carpet tonight.

4:33 - Am I the only one who doesn't recognize any of the red carpet hosts?

4:35 - Meryl Streep should be illegal. The great actress of all time is such a class act. And after all these years, she still the thinking man's sex symbol.

4:37 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus: You're red carpet interview was just bad. Not good.

4:38 - The red carpet interviews seem to be mercifully short and far less awkward tonight. Billy Bush could learn something from watching this.

4:42 - Morgan Freeman deserves a better interviewer than this. He didn't copy Nelson Mandela, he became him.

4:44 - Steve Carell was hysterical. I don't know a Michael Scott. I know I am one.

4:46 - Holly Hunter. That's all I'm saying. Except that everyone in Hollywood should be ashamed that she doesn't star in three movies a year.

4:48 - Party foul for not remembering the name of Betty White's last film "The Proposal". She did an amazing job of answering the question by talking about that film and the last movie she filmed.

4:51 - Best dressed/Best looking so far - Gabourey Sidibe looking stunning in blue.

4:53 - Kevin Bacon never got the lead roles he deserved. Another tragedy.

4:54 - I wonder if Colin Firth had Tom Ford dress him tonight. Either way, he's another class act.

4:56 - Final Predictions - The Hurt Locker, Bridges, Streep, Mo'nique, Waltz

4:58 - Haven't you heard Sandra Bullock talk about why the took the role enough lately?

4:59 - Mo'Nique was charming, funny, and great looking in white.


5:02 - So the men in Hollywood forgot to shave this morning?

5:06 - Male actor in a comedy series - Alec Baldwin, who showed up tonight.

5:12 - Female actress in a comedy series - Tiny Fey

5:26 - Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series - Glee

5:31 - Supporting Actor - Christoph Waltz

5:42 - Female actor in a Drama Series - Julianna Margulies

5:44 - Male actor in a Drama Series - Michael C. Hall

5:47 - Best Ensemble in a Drama Series - Mad Men

6:12 - Congrats to SAG who, unlike the Academy, aren't forgetting where they came from this year and broadcast their lifetime achievement award and a heartening tribute to Betty White.

6:17 - Everyone break out the tissues - the tribute to the Actors who passed away this year is next.

6:21 - Female actor in a mini-series or T.V. movie - Drew Barrymore

6:23 - Drew Barrymore hasn't worked much on public speaking since the Golden Globes last week.

6:27 - Male actor in a mini-series or T.V. movie - Kevin Bacon

6:34 - I've always said that the Academy can learn a lot from the SAG awards, and the tribute section is a prime example of that.

6:40 - Best Supporting Actress - Mo'Nique

6:45 - Mo'Nique gave the best speech of the night so far. The "Nine" women looked magnificent, and yes, Morgan Freeman should announce everything, ever.

6:51 - Best Actor - Jeff Bridges

6:56 - Best Actress - Sandra Bullock, and now we have our Oscar race: Bullock vs. Streep.

7:02 - Best Ensemble - Inglourious Basterds, the spoiler in the Best Picture race. Or is this the contender that "Avatar" and "The Hurt Locker" are now?

7:04 - That's a wrap folks. See you around the Circuit.


  1. So this duo (fey,baldwin) is iunstoppable, they love them that much I guess...

  2. I was shocked when Alec Baldwin didn't win the Golden Globe last week. It was great to see him both win and show up tonight.

  3. What channel is the show on/is it even on tv?

  4. Im watching it in TNT...

    hey, so little applause for Brittany Murphy :(

  5. TNT, at least in the U.S.. I believe they're showing it again right after the broadcast at 8 Eastern/11 West Coast.

  6. Morgan Freeman should announce every category. Period.

  7. Oh weird, I guess they're not showing it live on the west coast... it's titanic on now then SAG at 8 here. lame.

  8. I'm pretty sure it's on both TNT and TBS.

  9. Yeah, "Titanic" showed on TNT before the red carpet show here.

  10. Bridges. No Surprises I guess...
    but is he 4 real getting the Oscar? uhmm Im among the people that think that this role seems kinda effortlessly

  11. If he makes it look effortless, that probably speaks to how good he is in it.

  12. @ Joseph, that's exactly why Jeff Bridges is winning all these awards. Because he makes it look so effortless. That's also why he is overlooked too often. Simply put, he's one of the best to ever grace the screen.

    p.s. Eli Roth, surprisingly, gives a good acceptance speech.


  13. What I was really shocked it is how Sandra Bullock went from the movie no one thought would even be a blockbuster, to a full blown best actress contender. I remember when nominations for both globes and sags were announced and I was only one of the few that predicted her rise. Not so silly now hum...though it would be a shame to take Meryl's chance to win her 3rd oscar.

  14. The amount of times that Meryl has been screwed, and the fact that her role as Julia Child was pretty lightweight, and Bullock winning the Globe and SAG, and Blind Side's box office makes me think that Streep might just lose again this year, sad as it is.

    But seriously, watching the ten second clips before they announced Best Actress just made me realize how much better and more complex were the roles of Mulligan, Streep, Sidibe, and Mirren (not to mention the brilliant but ignored Ronan) when compared to Bullock. It's very depressing to me to think that she might win.

  15. inglourious basterds winning was great, certainly is a contender, dare i say its now a 3 horse race joey? with up in the air joining precious as peaked too soonm

  16. This is shaping up to be the most unpredictable/best years for best pic in recent memory. I can realistically see Inglourious Basterds, Hurt Locker, Up in the Air, and Avatar winning.

  17. I think for every major category this will be a very unpredictable year for the Oscars, we don't see them every often.

  18. As much as I love Meryl Streep, I am loving Sandra Bullock getting recognized and hope she wins the Oscar. Streep was excellent, but her movie was weak. I enjoyed Bullock's performance and movie much more, and Streep is much more likely to get another shot at Oscar than Bullock will be (as unfair as that may be it must factor in to some people's thinking).

    Also, could award shows please have Felicity Huffman stop presenting? She was terrible at the globes, stumbling all over her words, and then tonight she can't see the prompter so she doesn't even read her bit. Why wouldn't you bring your glasses knowing you can't see what you need to read? And how could you not want to redeem yourself from last week? Stupid.

  19. I'm with you Katelyn on Sandra winning! I love Meryl and I think she is brilliance personified. But I have long had a soft spot for Sandra and think, regardless of some film choices, she really is a very talented actress! I love that she is being recognised as a dramatic actress and think her time has come, especially following a win at the SAGs.

  20. Sandra's speach was as always really touching. She is so lovely that I won't be disappointed if she wins the Oscar.I'd like to see Meryl on the stage but honestly whoever wins the Oscar(Meryl or Sanra) it will be a great moment that will be remembered for a long time.

  21. Okay, a bunch of these lines were mine!
    Just trying to get some credit here...


  22. And I agree, Sandra should win. I adore her. Her speech was great. She always makes me laugh.