January 24, 2010

Forbes magazine tells us what the 15 biggest flops of the last 5 years were...

Here's the 15 least successful films (financially) of the last 5 years, according to this article here in Forbes Magazine:

1. All the King's Men
2. The Express
3. Stay
4. Grindhouse
5. Imagine That
6. The Fountain
7. The Invasion
8. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
9. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
10. The Love Guru
11. School for Scoundrels
12. Land of the Lost
13. Meet Dave
14. Aeon Flux
15. The Producers

-Thoughts on why these films flopped?


  1. Likely because it doesn't have a final box office tally yet. When it leaves theaters, it certainly will be among this list...

  2. "To calculate our list we looked at movies that featured big-name stars but failed to earn back their budgets at the box office."

    Not sure why Forbes doesn't have Delgo on their list.

    Last 5 Years (2008) - Check
    Stars (Prinze Jr, Love Hewitt, Kilmer, etc) - Check
    Big Budget (40 Million) - Check
    Bad Box Office (700K) - Double Check!

    I recouped less than 1/50th of it's budget. That's worst that every film on their list. Does Forbes not have any fact checkers on staff?

  3. "It recouped", obviously. I recouped nothing, seeing as I had no involvement with the film, heh.

  4. Indeed. I'd also say Battle for Terra as another big flop.

    I'll also just say this...if the people at Forbes were better at fact checking in general, perhaps the economy wouldn't have gone in the tank a few years ago...

  5. Interesting list! Some comments . . .

    With a cast like that in All the King's Men, you'd have expected it to do better. Did people just not get The Fountain? I thought it was a profound film, but maybe people want High Jackman in action thrillers where he's flexing his muscles and getting naked.

    I can understand Stay - I didn't get it! Well, I got it, but it wasn't worth hanging around to 'get'.

    I liked The Invasion a lot, but maybe I'm just one of the minority here.

    The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was a good film but too long in my opinion.

    The Love Guru - one of THE worst films I have ever seen in my entire life!

  6. I agree pretty much about all those, though I liked The Fountain and Stay more than most...

  7. I thought The Fountain was an extraordinary film, and I often think about it. I remember sitting there watching it and I was completely engrossed despite how esoteric some of the scenes were (the meditation/bubble scenes). I downloaded the score - it's amazing.

  8. I own the DVD, Blu-Ray, score, script, graphic novel, and art book...

  9. Does that qualify as obsessed? Almost? lol. I love reading scripts, but not come across that one. It's just such a good film! I have the score on my Ipod - great for meditation, contemplating, zoning out . . .

  10. Haha, perhaps it does, and yes, the score is amazing...