January 21, 2010

IFC Films picks up Todd Solodnz's 'Life During Wartime' for distribution

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:

IFC Films has acquired U.S. rights to Todd Solodnz's "Life During Wartime," which won the best screenplay award at the Venice International Film Festival, where it debuted.

A quasi-sequel to the filmmaker's 1998 "Happiness," the film stars Shirley Henderson, Ciaran Hinds, Allison Janney, Michael Lerner, Charlotte Rampling, Ally Sheedy and Michael Kenneth Williams.

It will be distributed during the summer via the IFC in Theaters platform, which releases movies simultaneously in theaters and on VOD.

"Wartime" was produced by Christine Kunewa Walker and Derrick Tseng and exec produced by Elizabeth Redleaf and Mike S. Ryan for Werc Werk Works.

-I look forward to seeing it...


  1. Happiness disturbed me...I mean really disturbed me. I enjoyed Welcome to the Dollhouse though.

    His films are interesting to say the least...

  2. I loved Happiness. Excellent, Excellent acting. Dylan Baker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Jane Adams were nothing short of incredible.

  3. The first film certainly gives this a lot to live up to.