January 12, 2010

The Los Angeles Film Critics (and Nathaniel Rogers as well) announce their Best of the Decade lists!

Here's what the L.A. critics came up with:

1. Mulholland Dr. - David Lynch
2. There Will Be Blood - Paul Thomas Anderson
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Michel Gondry
4. Brokeback Mountain - Ang Lee
5. No Country for Old Men - Joel and Ethan Coen and Zodiac - David Fincher (tie)
6. Yi Yi - Edward Yang
7. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days – Cristian Mungiu and The Lord of the Rings – Peter Jackson (tie)
8. Spirited Away - Hayao Miyazaki
9. United 93 – Paul Greengrass (tie) and Y Tu Mama Tambien - Alfonso Cuaron (tie)
10. Sideways - Alexander Payne

Nat Rogers also came up with a top 10 (though if you go to his site here, he lists a full 100), which turn out to be:

1. Moulin Rouge
2. Dancer in the Dark
3. Brokeback Mountain
4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
5. Far From Heaven
6. In the Mood for Love
7. Talk to Her
8. Rachel Getting Married
9. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
10. A History of Violence

-Thoughts on the lists?


  1. Some very interesting choices, no doubt about that...

  2. I share 4 with the LAFCA, and 6 with Nathaniel, but I have not seen Yi Yi or (and I feel guilty about this) Dancer in the Dark.

  3. No worries, I haven't seen Yi Yi either...

  4. Just saw "Mulholland Drive", and while it wasn't the best film of the decade, it was awfully good. I can't understand how all four "best of the decade" posts on the "Awards Circuit" main site just ignored it.

  5. Well, I can only speak for sure on my part, but I found it not worthy of a top 50 slot in my article. There was two big disconnect between the large chunk shot as a television pilot and the climax added on at the end. It felt like two different projects. So that's me, but I know for a fact that Myles dislikes David Lynch films intensely, so it's doubtful it would show on his list either...