January 29, 2010

'Blue Valentine', one of the hits of Sundance, gets picked up by The Weinstein Company!

Also, 'Hesher' found a home too, with Newmarket. Here's the story from The Hollywood Reporter:

Harvey Weinstein has been given a "Blue Valentine" from Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams at Sundance.

The Weinstein Co. nabbed U.S., Canadian and Pan-Asian satellite territory rights to Derek Cianfrance's romantic drama starring the pair in a low-seven-figure deal.

WME Global chief Graham Taylor was in an anxious huddle at a restaurant off Main Street well after midnight Thursday with "Blue Valentine" producers (and his personal valentine) Lynette Howell, Jamie Patricof and Alex Orlovsky, (the team behind the 2006 Sundance hit "Half Nelson") as all-night negotiations were going down. IFC Films and Sony Pictures Classics were also said to be in the mix.

Some 12 years in the making, "Blue Valentine" chronicles a disintegrating marriage between Dean (Gosling) and Cindy (Williams), told in flashback. The tough, poignant and occasionally brutal film has moved audiences and critics alike since its Sunday night Eccles premiere.
Weinstein has been out in full force at screenings with Weinstein Co. international head David Glasser and their acquisitions team. The studio was the only buyer to acquire a 2009 Toronto title, Tom Ford's "A Single Man," and shepherd it to success this awards season. The company also is eyeing "The Tillman Story."

Glasser led negotiations for the studio with Taylor, who sealed the deal a day after his WME Global closed a $1 million-range sale on the Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Natalie Portman-toplined "Hesher" to Newmarket Films.

-I'm quite anxious to see both, but 'Blue Valentine' has gotten some awards-caliber reviews, so that's now near the top of my 2010 "must see" list...thoughts?


  1. I honestly can't wait to check out Blue Valentine...

  2. anything endorsed by the Weinstein's is usually good.