January 17, 2010

Live Blogging the Golden Globes...

Welcome one and all, and thank you for joining us to follow our live coverage of this year's Golden Globes. The pre-show begins at 7:00 (Eastern Time), with the actual awards show beginning at 8:00. Be sure to follow along, and watch the show on NBC. I'll be sure to list the times of each post so you know what I'm talking about. Until then, use this post to comment on the proceedings, voice your opinion, give predictions, etc. Enjoy the show!

7:00 - And we're off! Billy Bush (who you may remember actively ruining the Globes not long ago) chats with people about things we don't care about, occasionally mentioning movies. When he finds time to get over the fact that it's raining and bug celebrities about their love lives, he chats to George Clooney (whose beard makes him looks strangely like George Lucas), David Duchovny (goading him over the fact that his wife got a kiss from George Clooney), Gabourey Sidibe, Jeff Bridges, Fergie, Tracy Morgan, Marion Cotillard, Bradley Cooper, Chloe Sevigny, Taylor Lautner (for some reason) and others. They keep employing a "fashion camera" that takes horrendously blurry pictures of the stars' outfits.

7:21 - Morgan Freeman makes the first of I'm sure many comments about no matter how much fun we're having now, we must not forget about what's going on in Haiti.

7:23 - We get it, it's raining! You don't have to comment on it every five seconds as though we're going to forget if you don't keep reminding us.

7:25 - The interviewer attempts to ask Robert Downey, Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson about "Iron Man", and reveals that she clearly has no idea what "Iron Man" was about. RDJ does his best to avoid talking to her, but can't escape her nagging.

7:27 - Note to interviewer: Ricky Gervais's name is not French. You do pronounce the S.

7:29 - Seeing Mariah Carey with all her makeup on again really does highlight how much she disappeared into her character in "Precious".

7:32 - Billy Bush desperately employs the Golden Globe snuggie. Sandra Bullock and her husband try to play it off awkwardly.

7:34 - I wonder if these actors ever get tired of these talk show hosts awkwardly telling them about the roles they played.

7:38 - Just in case we weren't aware, yes, it is raining, and yes, the organizers have done a horrible job of preparing for it by only having a handful of umbrellas. The hosts are apparently physically incapable of not commenting on it at least once per interview.

7:39 - Julia Roberts has earned major cool points in my book for totally calling NBC out on not properly preparing for the show. Billy Bush tries to strike back by commenting that she passed on "The Blind Side". Tom Hanks retorts by observing that the lighting on the interview is awful.

7:42 - Colin Farrell admits to drinking heavily in order to sing for "Crazy Heart". 18 minutes until showtime.

7:54 - Tina Fey: "It's not raining, it's just God crying for NBC."

8:00 - The pre-show is over, and it's time for the actual show! Here we go!

8:01 - Ricky Gervais is still jokingly bitter about Steve Carrell taking his role on "The Office". Going ahead and touting his own series and taking a jab at NBC.

8:03 - Making a few jokes about the necessity of actors. He's on a roll tonight. And of course the obligatory Jay Leno joke.

8:05 - Nicole Kidman (after reminding everyone to support the troubles in Haiti) presents Best Supporting Actress (Film). And the winner is...Mo'Nique (Precious)! No huge surprise there. Nice impassioned speech, very emotional.

8:10 - Best Actress (Comedy/Musical, TV Series) goes to...Toni Collette (United States of Tara).

8:16 - Best Supporting Actor (TV Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie) goes to...John Lithgow (Dexter).

8:20 - Paul McCartney presents Best Animated Feature (for some reason). "Animated films are not just for children. They're also for adults who take drugs." The winner is...Up! Surprise surprise.

8:28 - Kate Hudson presents a clip from "Nine", nominated for Best Picture (Comedy/Musical).

8:29 - Ricky Gervais continues to shill for his own work. "The Invention of Lying" is out Tuesday.

8:30 - Felicity Huffman stammers her way through an introduction of the Philip Burke, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Happy 67 years.

8:32 - Best Actor (Drama, TV Series) goes to...Michael C. Hall (Dexter). It was recently reported that he's battling cancer. Congratulations to him.

8:35 - Best Actress (Drama, TV Series) goes to...Julianna Marguelies (The Good Wife).

8:42 - Harrison Ford presents a clip from "Up in the Air", nominated for Best Picture (Drama).

8:44 - Best Original Song goes to..."The Weary Kind (Theme from Crazy Heart)" (Crazy Heart).

8:47 - Best Original Score goes to...Michael Giacchino (Up).

8: 53 - Best Miniseries or TV Movie goes to...Grey Gardens!

8:58 - Tom Hanks insults both Alec Baldwin and Stanley Tucci on his way to introduce a clip from "Julie & Julia", nominated for Best Picture (Comedy/Musical).

9:00 - Colin Farrell presents Best Actress (Comedy/Musical, Film). The winner is...Meryl Streep (Julie & Julia)! She seems rather unstoppable now.

9:09 - Helen Mirren introduces a clip from "Precious", nominated for Best Picture (Drama).

9:10 - Best Actor (Miniseries or TV Movie) goes to...Kevin Bacon (Taking Chance).

9:13 - Best Actress (Miniseries or TV Movie) goes to...Drew Barrymore (Grey Gardens).

9:21 - Cameron Diaz introduces a clip from "It's Complicated", nominated for Best Picture (Comedy/Musical).

9:22 - Best Screenplay (Film) goes to...Jason Reitman & Sheldon Turner (Up in the Air)!

9:26 - Best Actor (Comedy/Musical, TV Series) goes to...Alec Baldwin (30 Rock). Not available to accept the award due to a charity obligation.

9:32 - Samuel L. Jackson presents a clip from "Inglourious Basterds", nominated for Best Picture (Drama).

9:33 - Sam then introduces Sophia Loren, who gets a standing ovation before presenting Best Foreign Language Film. The winner is...The White Ribbon (Germany).

9:37 - Best TV Series (Drama) goes to...Mad Men!

9:40 - It appears that they're going overtime, because every winner has started getting played off by the music.

9:45 - Taylor Lautner (ugh) presents the clip from "(500) Days of Summer", nominated for Best Picture (Comedy/Musical).

9:45 - Best Supporting Actress (TV Series, Miniseries, or TV Movie) goes to...Chloe Sevigny (Big Love).

9:49 - Halle Berry presents Best Supporting Actor (Film). The award goes to...Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds)! Is he a lock for the win?

9:57 - Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio present Martin Scorsese with the Cecil B. DeMille Award. This is long overdue. Truly a master filmmaker.

10:00 - An excellent montage of Scorsese's greatest hits, along with a sneak peek at "Shutter Island".

10:04 - Scorsese gives an eloquent speech about the importance of collaboration and preserving film. The world of cinema as a whole is far richer for all of this man's output. Congratulations.

10:12 - Jodie Foster introduces a clip from "The Hurt Locker", nominated for Best Picture (Drama).

10:14 - Mel Gibson presents Best Director (Film). And the award goes to...James Cameron (Avatar)! Didn't see that one coming.

10:19 - Best TV Series (Comedy/Musical) goes to...Glee!

10:25 - The cast of "The Hangover" introduces a clip from "The Hangover", nominated for Best Picture (Comedy/Musical).

10:26 - Reese Witherspoon presents Best Picture (Comedy/Musical). And the winner is...The Hangover! Bit of a surprise there.

10:33 - Arnold Schwarzenegger introduces a clip from "Avatar", despite being unable to pronounce it properly.

10:35 - Mickey Rourke presents Best Actress (Drama, Film). And the winner is...Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side). How about that.

10:39 - Sally Hawkins presents Best Actor (Comedy/Musical, Film). And the winner is...Robert Downey, Jr. (Sherlock Holmes)! Best speech of the night. Sarcastically not thanking everyone. Beautiful.

10:46 - Kate Winslet presents Best Actor (Drama, Film). And the winner is...Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)! Congratulations sir!

10:55 - Julia Roberts presents Best Picture (Drama). And the winner is...Avatar! Go figure. This one has a serious shot at winning the Oscar now. Way to shake up the race.

11:00 - And that's a wrap! It's been an interesting show with several surprise winners. One of the more entertaining shows in recent years. Thanks for following, and have a great night.


  1. how could the organizers not know it would rain today, and put a tent over the red carpet? what a mess

  2. I thought the point of blogging is to describe the scene to people who can't watch it on TV. The visual of dozens of celebs having to stroll and pose in a downpour on a soaking wet carpet and apparently bring their own umbrellas since the organizers are woefully short on providing them - and again I say that the weather reports have said all week that it would rain today.

  3. yay, james cameron for best firector, congrats!!!

  4. really hoping avatar doesn't walk away with best pic drama... let's go hurt locker!

  5. Sandra for best actress, finally, yeah!

  6. Some surprises after predictable winners at the beginig.... more surprises?

  7. Let's hope so. I like shaking up our expectations after a fairly predictable season thus far.

  8. sh!t, now we gotta be scared of this one. i think that hurt locker is dead.

  9. It's between The Hurt Locker and Avatar now, in my eyes...

  10. It seems Oscar race is more exciting now! Thanks and good night!

  11. I think Avatar is gonna win the Best Picture at the Oscars.
    I am a bit disappointed that James Horner couldn't win the Best Score (I thought it was Awesome).

  12. HUGELY disappointed that AVATAR won Best Picture. Should have been THE HURT LOCKER.

    Disappointed overall at the whole show.

    P.S. - Robert Downie Jr.....Really?!?!?

  13. I thought AVATAR score was great. Even after the movie, listening to it, it makes you feel like you are in other planet. Yeah, not long left till AVATAR breaks TITANIC worldwide and DARK KNIGHT domestic box office after tonight :-)

  14. Remember when I said that Avatar was being underestimated, a while before anyone had seen it? :)

    I'm happy that Avatar is winning, honestly. I've seen all of the films now that were in the running, and while it's by no means technically perfect, nor is the dialogue on any new level of brilliance, I just got the feeling like there was so much more sincere passion and heart that were injected into the project. This, more than any other movie I've seen this year, felt like a passion project, like a true experience as if it were more than just a movie -- as if it were a ticket to some place entirely new. There was just so much work and vision behind it, and it just felt so much more evident in Avatar than in any other movie I saw this year.

    So, my feelings? Go Avatar, win Best Picture.

  15. Joey, what makes you throw Up in the Air out? Hurt Locker was screwed tonight while Up in the Air at least won screenplay

  16. HFPA has successfully put the idea of Avatar winning in the minds of voters. With it's continuing box office success, things will get a serious shake up now.

    The big question is Streep vs Bullock. Both lovable. Both great speakers. Both would make great winners. With SAG unlikely to reward Meryl two years running, will it give Bullock an edge.

    Did Bridges seriously hurt his chances with that speech? It was painful!!! Or is his line of work enough to carry him to the end?

    Waltz and Mo'nique will surely win now, both with great speeches. Unbeatable.

    And Reitman will get a writing Oscar and by the feel of tonight, they'll give one to Tarantino too, purely out of respect.

    Now we sit and wait as Cameron and Bigelow go head to head. Should be an interesting month or so.

  17. I don't throw it out, I just think it's fallen back, behind Inglourious Basterds even. It's kind of a situation where Avatar and The Hurt Locker have all the wins that you look for. Up in the Air could still win (and I'd personally vote for it), but it's a longer shot than it was last week...

  18. Sorry, that was poorly worded, re-reading it. I just mean to say that Avatar, to me, embodied most of what Martin Scorcese said -- about how a movie should be more than just a movie, it should be an experience. An adventure. A ticket to a new place. All right, I'm just rehashing myself now.

    But I am happy that I actually predicted something right for once in my life! (I've eagerly anticipated Avatar for, like, 2 years, and I kept telling people it was going to be the big movie of 2009, but no one believed) :P

  19. Thanks to Myles for great LIVE Blogging....(and to Joey for LIVE Blogging the Critics Choice Awards)

    New predictions up Monday/Tuesday-ish.

  20. Yea, tonight was a bit of a game-changer.

    I gotta say, I felt really bad for Tarantino. I felt that that was a very classy move by Reitman to say that he was the one who truly deserved it...

    I also really enjoyed Downey's speech, but I think part of the reason behind his being awarded this year was partially to make up for what an amazing year he had last year.

  21. I like a drink as much as the next guy, unless that next guy is Mel Gibson...

    That was a fun evening, and the show was 1,000 X better than the Critics Choice. But, with every category, I was hoping somebody else would win. Not a single person I wanted to win (in movie categories), won except for Christoph Waltz.

    But, all of the speeches were fantastic and I had a blast. Especially Robert Downey, Jr. speech. I guess any time he gets an award is a good thing, even if it is for Sherlock HOlmes.

    p.s. Michael C. Hall really deserved this award. Not just because he has cancer, but from the strength of his performance.