January 22, 2010

4 quick Clips from the Sundance premiering film HOWL

Take a look:

-I'm a huge fan of Beat poetry and the poem that is the film's namesake, so I'm awfully interested in this. Word out of Sundance is mixed so far, but we'll see (also look for an upcoming Podcast to deal with some of the films playing at Sundance)...thoughts?


  1. On the subject of that upcoming podcast...it was recorded earlier in the week, before the festival got underway, so when it goes live (sometime next week likely, due to some technical issues), just keep that in mind...

  2. I was keen to see these snips of the film Howl but ultimately disappointed by them. I guess they are not going to give very much away at this point.

  3. Perhaps...the subject matter is something I learned a lot about, so I'm interested in seeing it...