January 31, 2010

The Sundance Film Festival gives out its awards...

...and here they are:

Grand Jury Prize (U.S. Dramatic): “Winter’s Bone”
Grand Jury Prize (U.S. Documentary): “Restrepo”
World Cinema Jury Prize (Dramatic): “Animal Kingdom”
World Cinema Jury Prize (Documentary): “The Red Chapel”
Audience Award (Dramatic): “happythankyoumoreplease”
Audience Award (Documentary): “Waiting for Superman”
World Cinema Audience Award (Dramatic): “Undertow”
World Cinema Audience Award (Documentary): “Wasteland”
Directing Award (Dramatic): Eric Mendelsohn, “3 Backyards”
Directing Award (Documentary): Leon Gast, “Smash His Camera”
World Cinema Directing Award (Dramatic): Juan Carlos Valdivia, “Southern District”
World Cinema Directing Award (Documentary): Christian Frei, “Space Tourists”
Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award: Debra Granik and Anne Rosselini, “Winter’s Bone”
World Cinema Screenwriting Award: Juan Carlos Valdivia, “Southern District”
Special Jury Prize (Dramatic): “Sympathy for Delicious”
Special Jury Prize (Documentary): “Gasland”
World Cinema Special Jury Prize (Dramatic): Tatiana Maslany, for her performance in “Grown-Up Movie Star”
World Cinema Special Jury Prize (Documentary): “Enemies of the People”
Cinematography Award (Dramatic): Zak Mulligan, “Obselidia”
Cinematography Award (Documentary): Kirsten Johnson and Laura Poitras, “The Oath”
World Cinema Cinematography Award (Dramatic): Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, “The Man Next Door”
World Cinema Cinematography Award (Documentary): Kate McCullough and Michael Lavelle, “His & Hers”
Documentary Editing Award: Penelope Falk, “Joan Rivers—A Piece Of Work”
World Cinema Documentary Editing Award: Joëlle Alexis, “A Film Unfinished”
Alfred P. Sloan Prize: “Obselidia”
NEXT Award: “Homewrecker”

-The two films that seemed to get the best reviews out of the festival were Blue Valentine and Restrepo, so it's a bit surprising to see the former not get anything, but that happens at Sundance a lot...thoughts?


  1. Overall, I think it sounded like an above average festival, with a lot that could make money in theaters, but not the true return to indie film making they hyped it up to be...

  2. Yea I guess so, I think there are no pure indie films like b4, I mean you can not be indie an hire a Big Superstar like we see nowadays in the indie films, like they dont want to take risk??

    Joey, About this sundance edition: what happened to "the kids are al right" and "Runaways" were there in competition 2? didnt get nothing, they were so far my favs...

  3. Neither were in competition. They were just premieres...

  4. Thanks Joey! I wasnt sure!
    so what are ur thoughts on Winters bone... so far I liked what I could see, just a few scenes...

  5. No problem sir.

    It sounds like it has major potential.

    The films I'm most interested in Myles and I covered in our Sundance Podcast (#10 if you're looking for it), but the #1 for me to keep tabs on is Blue Valentine. I see it becoming something special...

  6. thats perfect, thankz, Ill check it out..

  7. Sure thing. Here's the link: http://www.awardscircuit.com/Podcasts/podcast10_sundancefilmfestival.html