January 26, 2010

It's a pretty good week for DVD...

...though certainly not as good as a few weeks ago when we had our first tie for top honors. That won't happen again this week, but there's definitely good stuff to be found on DVD this time around. My choice for the PICK OF THE WEEK is a charming film that far too few people bothered to see. It's:
Whip It
Drew Barrymore's directorial debut is a winning combination of 'Rocky' and Girl Power, set in the world of roller derby. Ellen Page gives another excellent performance in the lead role and the supporting cast is top notch. This movie is one of the most fun flicks that I got to see in all of 2009, so give it a chance and enjoy!
-Also getting recommendations this week is Saw VI, the best film in the franchise since the original one. This one didn't have the audience that the former ones did, and that's a shame. We also have the good, but not great, period piece Bright Star. The film wasn't as good on a second viewing, but it's still far from a bad flick. Finally, there's also the film adaptation of the book I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. This is essentially The Hangover remade, only not quite as good, but I still found it worth my time.
-The other releases this week all fall short for me. There's Clive Owen's all too safe drama The Boys Are Back, Bruce Willis going the sci-fi route again in the mediocre Surrogates, and Robert Pattinson playing Salvador Dali in Little Ashes. None of them were bad flicks, but they all could have been better.
-Last but not least is a rare film that I did not see. It's Michael Jackson's This Is It. If you're a fan, you'll likely want to own this. If you're not, then you'll steer clear, like I did. It's as simple as that...
-My Vintage pick this week is, in honor of Mel Gibson returning to screens with Edge of Darkness, an underrated film of his. It's We Were Soldiers, one of the better war films of our time, in my humble opinion. It's well worth a view if you haven't seen it yet.
-What will you be watching on DVD this week?


  1. Yes, I realize that most people don't consider the Saw franchise to be any good, but they're my guilty pleasure...

  2. You think it's a "shame" that Saw VI tanked? Hell, I had a party after I found out it got its ass kicked by Paranormal Activity at the box office.

  3. Perhaps I worded it wrong. I felt that since it was one of the better installments in the series, it deserved to have made comparable money. It didn't tank by any stretch of the word though, made its money back domestically and then some, and it's consistently been a strong DVD seller.

  4. Also, (my favorite film) Paris Texas is getting the Criterion treatment today--in case anybody else is a fan of this magnificent piece of work...

  5. Hallelujah, I can FINALLY see Bright Star!

  6. Just watched Bright Star finally, it was hella.