January 31, 2010

The 2009 ACCA nominations are here, along with the Staff's Final Oscar Predictions, and more!

Yes, it's a busy Sunday here at The Awards Circuit. First off, the 2009 Awards Circuit Community Awards have come out with the official nominees and they may surprise some. The nomination announcement can be found here, so check them out and prepare to start voting again soon!
The staff has also finalized our Oscar predictions in terms of nominations, so go here and see who you agree with most leading up to Tuesday's announcement.
We also have an article from John Foote on how to go about disagreeing with a writer. It's a great read for anyone who publishes their work (myself included), so check it out here and leave some feedback.
Finally, our first Music review is up, and it's for the soundtrack to Up in the Air. Read it here and stay tuned for more of these types of reviews to pop up in 2010!
-Thoughts on the nominations, predictions, article, and review?


  1. I actually prefer the ten honorable mention films to the ten that were nominated.