January 11, 2010

The ASC Nominees come out too!

Take a gander:

Barry Ackroyd, BSC for The Hurt Locker
Dion Beebe, ASC, ACS for Nine
Christian Berger, AAC for The White Ribbon
Mauro Fiore, ASC for Avatar
Robert Richardson, ASC for Inglorious Basterds



  1. Nice group. Bright Star and could still get in.

  2. Yea, even though I really can't nominate Mauro Fiore for cinematography...

  3. Oh and Where The Wild Things Are could also surprise.

  4. *Sigh* No Roger Deakins : (

    And yea, the cinematography in Avatar is really hard to nominate...kind of like how WALL-E looked amazing but you can't nominate it despite it looking AMAZING thanks to Roger Deakin's being involved : )

  5. It's not a fantastic list, but it could be much worse...

  6. As I have discussed my views about Lars Von Trier's film in many places recently, I won't further those arguments here. BUT it seems like a shame that the remarkable cinematography in Antichrist isn't on this list and won't make the academy's list either...

  7. It's an interesting piece of work...there were questions about its Oscar eligibility though, since it premiered partially with VOD...

  8. These are actually the five that I've been predicting for the Oscars. I hope I'm wrong and Roger Deakins is nominated for A Serious Man, but these look like the five most-likely.