January 20, 2010

New predictions for Best Director and Actor hightlight the Main Page of The Awards Circuit, along with an interview with Anthony Mackie, and more!

Yes, the Main Page of The Awards Circuit has something for everyone today. The main Predictions are continuing to get updated, with Best Director and Best Actor getting a face-lift. The predix can be found here and here, so check them out and let us know what you think!
We also have another new interview for your reading pleasure, this one with The Hurt Locker's Anthony Mackie. It can be found here, so read and enjoy!
Those interested in Clayton's reactions to the Golden Globes, along with how he did in predictions, would do well to go here and check that out.
Also on the front of our fearless leader, he's put out his annual Davis Awards, which are always interesting. Those are found here, so see how your top honors of the year match up with his.
Finally, remember to keep voting in the Awards Circuit Community Awards. Go here and support your favorites from 2009!
-Thoughts on the new predictions, interview, and articles?


  1. Hey, I noticed a small problem in Clayton's GG reactions. For best score he mentioned that Wild Things is one of his favorites to win the oscar, but it's actually already been ruled ineligible. (http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/01/karen_os_wild_things_score_rul.html)

    Just thought I might point it out. Cheers!

  2. I'm pretty sure he was talking about it crossing over into Original Song, where it is eligible.

  3. I just love what you did with the fifth spot. I think its very open though. I would love any of your bottom 6 to make it. They are all great actresses.

  4. I'll pass along the word to Clayton, though I'm also currently predicting Blunt haha

  5. Ah, that makes much more sense.