January 27, 2010

Speaking of Sundance, that's just what Podcast #10 is about!

Indeed, the long awaited Podcast #10 (sorry for the delays, both in how long it took to go from 9 to 10, and for how late in the festival this went up...technical difficulties) has arrived, and it's our take on what films to watch out for at the annual Sundance Film Festival. Be sure to go here and listen, and let us know what films coming out of Sundance you're eager to see!
-Thoughts on the newest Podcast?

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  1. In case anyone is keeping score, here's the current word on what Myles and myself's choices are doing at the festival:


    1. Jack Goes Boating (somewhat positive word)

    2. The Company Men (essentially the poor man's Up in the Air)

    3. The Killer Inside Me (mixed reception, but a lot of controversy about its violence)

    4. Nowhere Boy (same lightly positive reception it got across the pond)

    5. The Extra Man (no word that I know of yet)

    6. Buried (went over quite well and already was picked up for distribution by Lionsgate)


    1. Blue Valentine (gone over very well so far)

    2. Sympathy for Delicious (hasn't gone over very well at all)

    3. Howl (a small letdown, but not a bad film by any stretch)

    4. Get Low (nothing really to detract from the good word last year at festivals)

    5. The Runaways (Kristen Stewart is getting good buzz, but the film itself seems decently entertaining, but nothing more)

    6. Hesher (JGL has gotten excellent word, and the film has gotten good marks for everything until the third act)

    The word on the other films we briefly mentioned:

    -Welcome to the Rileys (more good word on Kristen Stewart, but the rest of the film is hit and miss)

    -High School (supposedly feels like a fun 80’s movie)

    -Holy Rollers (word is above average, but not ecstatic)

    -Happythankyoumoreplease (word has not been too strong)