January 8, 2010

Academy Idol 3: Top 10 Results

Any surprises? Comment.


  1. You voters always manage to keep it interesting! My proverbial hat is off to you...

  2. sci fi is struggling here! good choices so far people, all great movies

    joey do you know when moon and in the loop hit dvd?

  3. it's an interesting race so far...

  4. And both those films hit DVD this coming Tuesday...

  5. It may just be me, but at the end of the video I thought that Avatar was eliminated because it was the only picture remaining, until the words come and say In The Loop is eliminated. I think its just the inconsistency that throws me off. When in the bottom three, the first title that disappears is safe. So I expect the next title to dissapear also to be safe, leaving the film that is eliminated.

    Does anybody else feel the same way?