January 5, 2010

The Academy switches 'Bright Star' from Original to Adapted Screenplay

Steve Pond tells us why here, but adjust your predictions accordingly. I don't think the script was going to get in either way, but I'm not sure if this helps or hurts its chances overall.
-Do you think Bright Star is now more or less likely to get a screenplay nomination?


  1. As it has been said, Jane Campion has repeatedly stated that she was inspired by the biography of Keats, but did not base her screenplay off it. Another wacky move by the Academy.

    This decision doesn't have much consistency with what they've decided in the past. Syriana was campaigned as an adapted work, but the Academy ruled it as original because it was so different from the source material. But then, There Will Be Blood was faithful to "Oil!" pretty much in name only, but still got an adapted mention. Even Milk was pretty much a remake of the documentary, yet it got an original Oscar win. And I thought the music branch had enough crazy rules.

  2. nope, there's always another one to trip you up and potential make you shake your head...

  3. Well that's the same as asking if a change of bike would help Jonah Hill win the Tour de France. Doesn't really matter, 'cause it's not gonna happen.

    But interesting that it's adapted for being inpired by a couple of works. If I had written the screenplay, I'd be kinda offended by this decision, regardless.