January 7, 2010

Today's update to The Awards Circuit features new Staff Predictions and another great article by John Foote!

Yes, there's a lot brewing here at The Awards Circuit. First off, we've got updated staff predictions for you (featuring the first by new staff writers John Foote and Jackson Truax). Be sure to check them out here and take some heat off of Clayton by telling us what we did right and what we might have done wrong! (Take note, these were submitted before the recent changes to Original Score and Visual Effects, so if something is there that isn't eligible, it's not ignorance, just bad timing on our part)
We also have the aforementioned new article from the man who needs no introduction, John Foote, this time tackling the topic that is Meryl Streep. It's a wonderful read that can be found here, so check it out and let us know what you think.
In case you missed it, we also have an article on the upcoming DGA's here, so also check that out and let us know who you think might get in!
-Thoughts on the staff predictions, new article by John Foote, and the DGA article?


  1. Well that isn't so much an article as it is a fan letter to Streep. A little objectivity would've been nice.

  2. It's his take on a subject. Perfectly valid...

  3. Of course it's valid, it just doesn't match the neutral tone of the other articles on the site.

  4. John Foote has a specific style of writing, and he brings something new, different, and exciting to the site. He's accomplished more than I can even fathom, so I sort of take his opinions as having some weight to them, though trust me, I don't agree with him 100% of the time...I'm neither the fan of Streep that he is or the lover of The Road that he is. His writing style is what I enjoy, and I'm thrilled to be working with him...

  5. Is a good article indeed, you can feel the passion on it, yes, but is harmless, because does not alter the point... However I just want to comment on a point:

    I wont compare her against male actors, but yes regarding women I can`t agree more that she is the greatest of all times!

  6. His passion is why we're so glad to have him!