January 8, 2010

The Art Directors announce their nominees!



Period film

“A Serious Man,” production, designer, Jess Gonchor
“Inglourious Basterds,” David Wasco
“Julie & Julia,” Mark Ricker
“Public Enemies,” Nathan Crowley
“Sherlock Holmes,” Sarah Greenwood

Fantasy film
“Avatar,” Rick Carter, Robert Stromberg
“District 9,” Philip Ivey
“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” Stuart Craig
“Star Trek,” Scott Chambliss
“Where the Wild Things Are,” K.K. Barrett

Contemporary film

“Angels & Demons,” Allan Cameron
“The Hangover,” Bill Brzeski
“The Hurt Locker,” Karl Juliusson
“The Lovely Bones,” Naomi Shohan
“Up in the Air,” Steve Saklad


Single-camera television series
“Glee,” episode: “Pilot,” Mark Hutman
“Man Men,” episode: “Souvenir,” Dan Bishop
“Pushing Daisies,” episode: “Kerplunk,” Michael Wylie
“True Blood,” episode: “Never Let Me Go,” Suzuki Ingerslev
“Ugly Betty,” episode: “There’s No Place Like Mode,” Mark Worthington

Television movie or miniseries
“Ben 10: Alien Swarm,” Yuda Acco
“Grey Gardens,” Kalina Ivanov
“The Prisoner,” Michael Pickwoad

Episode of a half-hour single-camera television series
“30 Rock,” episode: “Apollo, Apollo,” Keith Ian Raywood, Teresa Mastropierro
“Flight of the Conchords,” episode: “Evicted,” Dan Butts
“Modern Family,” episode: “Coal Digger,” Richard Berg
“The Office,” episode: “Niagara,” Michael Gallenberg
“Weeds,” episode: “Ducks and Tigers,” Joseph P. Lucky

Episode of a multicamera, variety or unscripted series
“The Big Bang Theory,” episode: “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency,” John Schaffner
“The Jay Leno Show,” episode: 51, R. Brandt Daniels
“Hell’s Kitchen, episode: 604, John Janavs
“How I Met Your Mother,” episode: Old King Clancy,” Stephan Olson
“Saturday Night Live,” episode: Justin Timberlake, Eugene Lee, Akira Yoshimura, Keith Ian Raywood

Awards, music or game show
“2009 CMT Music Awards,” Anne Brahic
“51st Annual Grammy Awards,” Brian Stonestreet, Steve Bass
“61st Annual Emmy Awards,” Steve Bass
“66th Golden Globe Awards,” Brian Stonestreet
“Wheel of Fortune,” episode: “On location in Hawaii,” Renee Hoss-Johnson

Commercials and music videos
Absolut Antem, “In an Absolut World,” James Chinlund
Hewlett Packard, “In the Air,” Christopher Glass
House of Imagination, Martin Tino Schaedler
Nintendo, “Wii,” Floyd Albee
Puma, “Lift,” James Chinlund



  1. Interesting list, at least movie wise...

  2. nine seems pretty dead now, im thinking inglourious basterds could win this at the oscars

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. That was a surprising omission, yes...

  5. Ditto on A Single Man. I didn't love the film itself, but it was beautifully designed.