January 10, 2010

Not that Avatar needed another reason to be profitable, but it almost starred either Matt Damon or Jake Gyllenhaal in the lead role...

...according to this article from Cinemablend. While I highly doubt it would have made much of a difference, it would have been interesting to have seen them in the role of Jake Sully, at least to me.
-Thoughts on how either of these actors would have compared to Sam Worthington?


  1. I do love seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in just about anything, but it didn't matter in regards to getting me to see this film. And judging by the box office, it didn't matter to anyone else.

    Jake Sully is an everyman character, so I don't think a great actor could have elevated his limitations of a character. Worthington did a credible job, and I actually think that had Gyllenhaal or Damon been cast, we would have said that Cameron wasted their talent. I think Worthington is just fine for the role.

  2. I think Worthington was quite sensational and I think it may become quite an underrated performance. As much as I like Gyllenhaal and Damon, I think Cameron was looking for the kind of Aussie larakin wit only Worthington could provide. In the same sense as Mel Gibson or Russell Crowe, he neede to bounce well off the strong women of the film. Can't seen Damon or Gyllenhaal having that same power.

  3. Mostly off-topic, but it might make you laugh...